no handlebars

This year is winding down. Too quickly and much too slowly. I think that no matter what beliefs or ideologies you adhere to, we can all agree that 2016 was a challenging year.

It’s a year that brought my toughest obstacles but also my greatest joys. But, seriously, we could use a win in 2017.

In an attempt to ring in the new year with a more positive attitude, I decided to go all out for my birthday, which included taking a week off work, inviting friends from out of town, and dedicating three days to celebrating. On the last night of festivities, we did a wine-and-paint night at my place (with me leading it).

The week prior, I did a quick painting of the source image my sister had settled on.

Westerly winds (c) Molly Wunderli

For this study, I used the Daniel Smith colors I already had in my palette (which happened to be from the palette I used while in Ireland): payne’s gray, blue apatite genuine, rich green gold, perylene green, green apatite genuine, yellow ochre, and quinacridone deep gold.

During paint night, I demoed the painting using a slightly different palette, all of which were by Winsor & Newton (except my Daniel Smith sap green): yellow ochre, hooker’s green light, hooker’s green dark, sap green, cerulean blue, ultramarine, and prussian blue.

Summer’s reflection (c) Molly Wunderli

The change in colors had a huge impact on the tone and feel of the piece. For how quickly I did the painting — while talking and gesticulating to my ever-more-inebriated audience — I’m really happy with how it turned out.

Any suggestions for my next paint night? Let me know!

Stay warm, lovelies.

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